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Have questions for us? Here are some common inquiries and their responses. If the solution you are looking for is not within this list, we are happy to help!


1. How do I apply for a Job at Khaadi?

Interested applicants are encouraged to apply online by creating profiles. If your job application is directed towards a specific field, you can browse the Available Jobs page and apply against the shortlisted job.


2. How do I find the best position for myself at Khaadi?

In order to find which positions available at Khaadi fit you best, we encourage you to explore the Khaadi Teams and Available Jobs sections on our website for details.


3. Are there any part-time positions available at Khaadi?

Khaadi offers part-time positions in retail. In order to find out more, explore the Fresh Talent section on our website.


4. How do I apply for a specific location-based position with Khaadi?

In order to apply for a specific location, you can customize your job search by filtering available positions based on your preferred location.


5. Is it possible for students to apply for part-time or weekend positions at Khaadi?

Khaadi offers part-time positions in retail. The minimum requirement is 11 years of education. Further details of our part-time retail positions are posted here.


6. Does Khaadi offer seasonal jobs?

Depending on store location, we do occasionally offer temporary contracts. Please check our Available Jobs section for more details


7. Whom should I contact for a follow up on my job application or interview?

You will be contacted if you are shortlisted for a position. If you have been interviewed, you will be updated by our recruitment team on the progress. You can email careers@khaadi.com  for updates too.


8. How many jobs can I apply for?

An individual can apply for as many jobs as they think they are eligible for.


9. If I don’t succeed this time, can I try again?          

If you do not succeed for one job, you can apply for others as we update our job postings on a regular basis.


10. Where is the head office located?

The head office for Khaadi is located in S.I.T.E, Karachi, Pakistan. You can access our site location details and map through the Contact Us page on our website.


11. Where is the design studio located?

The design studio is located in our Head Office, which is in Karachi. For details of our location, please visit our Contact Us web page.


12. Are there jobs available in cities away from the head office?

We have opportunities all across Pakistan in retail. Khaadi also has regional offices in Lahore and Islamabad, where we have retail operations. Apart from that, all major activity is carried out within the head office, which is located in Karachi.


13. Are there opportunities for growth within the organization?

At Khaadi we believe in providing our employees with every opportunity possible for their development, as long as they show the passion and the drive to grow with us.


14. What are the best positions for fresh graduates to apply for at Khaadi?

In order to groom fresh graduates, we offer Management Trainee and Internship positions. For details on these programs, please visit our Fresh Talent page.


15. Do I need to convert my resume to another format before I submit it with my profile?

We request all applicants to submit their resume in MS Word or PDF format.


16. I have forgotten my password. How do I recover my account?

In order to recover your account just type in you username and click on the ‘forgot password’ button; we will send you the instructions you need to follow in order to reset your password.