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Marketing is where all the creative content for our multi-channel campaigns is designed and perfected. With a vast market to serve, we develop digital and branding materials, help define the creative direction of the brand and analyze its health from multiple frames of reference. Together, our goal is to shape the perception of Khaadi’s products by concentrating on consumer insights, their evolving needs and the brand’s identity.

In a nutshell, Marketing ensures that Khaadi breaks clutter; whether it’s regarding the in-store customer experience, how we sell our products or keep our customers informed.

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Our Creative function aligns all designs, marketing and visual merchandising activities around Khaadi’s brand personality. Having design background, you will have vast opportunities to drive your career as a designer, visual merchandiser, creative lead or stylist. Being a creative organization, Khaadi offers never-ending prospects for you, within or outside the Creative function.

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The Supply Chain teams at Khaadi bring designs to life. Our Sourcing teams build and maintain a network of the best suppliers and manufacturers around the globe, leading to our commercial success.

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Our retail stores are the face of Khaadi, and our retail teams are the first line of contact with our customers. Khaadi Retail is all about creating an extraordinary customer experience while taking the smallest detail into consideration.

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Human Resources at Khaadi is the driving force behind company’s transformation into a process-driven organization, enabling operational growth and efficiency. We bear no trace of the traditional HR department. We are a true strategic business partner that support the company’s objectives and consider our employees as partners.

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Being an essential part of the business, our team of finance and accounting professionals is responsible for supporting smooth functioning of the business and enabling it to grow and improve every day.

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E-commerce is not just one of Khaadi’s key growth area, it’s one of our most exciting opportunities. We want to be available to our consumers whenever and wherever they need us, giving them multiple options to shop with us and stay updated with all that’s new at Khaadi.

From website and content developers to content writers, our online team works to develop new features for online platforms and ensure a smooth browsing and shopping experience for our online customers. With a keen eye for the latest trends being followed by our growing consumer base, the E-commerce team makes fashion accessible to each one of them over the world.

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Our team of legal experts upholds the integrity of Khaadi’s global operations through a 360 degree approach of analysis. Whether it’s sorting through complex regulatory issues, keeping themselves informed with timely information or providing counsel, this group makes sure Khaadi achieves its strategic goals.

Working in the legal department ensues ample coordination with internal teams with an overarching goal to help make our growth fast, sustainable and secure.

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A cornerstone of any fashion retail organization, our merchandising team works to develop strategies for all of our concepts to ensure that their product ranges speak to the customer while commercializing the latest trends in fashion. The team consists of merchandisers, product developers and designers who combine their inputs and work together to maximize selling potential so that Khaadi can continue to offer customers a rich and invigorating shopping experience.

The merchandising department includes plenty of coordination with other departments, in specific Marketing and Branding, so all our products that go on the shelves reflect the philosophy of the brand. Working in this team not only means you get a thorough understanding of the art and science of product lifecycles and bringing ideas to life, you will also get valuable insights into major parts of the business.

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The Planning team spearheads the efforts to enhance profitability and sales through thorough and rigorous planning and an in-depth analysis of retail performance and inventory management. As a member of the planning team, you will have significant coordination with multiple departments including merchandising, supply chain and retail.

In other words, the Planning department is a land full of opportunities – with an exciting hunt for data points and insights that can be turned into actions for constantly improve performance.

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Network Expansion

Network Expansion includes the planning and execution of Khaadi’s growing footprint across the country and globally. This team consists of store designers, project managers and admin specialists who combine inputs and insights to ensure that all Khaadi stores reflect the brand’s personality and design philosophy.

As a member of this team, you will be solving complex work tasks in a fast-paced environment with a sense of responsibility and a passion of business.

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Our IT team provides employees with the latest and most efficient software and hardware solutions that they need to excel at their jobs. The backbone of the company’s total system data, IT partners with all functions to maximize business efficiency through integration of automated solutions into the IT infrastructure.

From project managers to network architects and consultants, the tech team ensures Khaadi’s internal system is reliable enough to support its growth. As a member of the IT team in Khaadi, you’ll be working on multiple projects while acting as a liaison for employees to assist them in achieving maximum productivity.

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