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Our Story

Weaving dreams

In 1998, founder and Chief Executive Officer, Shamoon Sultan, set out to revive the ancient craft of the handloom. What began as a single store start-up in Karachi, Pakistan has quickly transformed into a robust brand with international presence. Khaadi was built on drive and passion and that same energy is passed on to all new talent joining our team.

Khaadi is an Urdu word which means ‘hand-woven’. Weaving, an intricate process requiring patience and attention to detail, creates fabric whose characteristics are dependent on the threads and the method in which those threads are woven. The same ideology is not only applied to all Khaadi products, but also to the institution we are continuously building. Our success today can be attributed to the collaborative efforts of our team and the individuality each employee brings to the organization.


Where are we now?

Khaadi is now a household name in Pakistan, with 52 stores at almost every notable location and in all major malls across the country. We employ over 1,500 people in Pakistan. Today, we can proudly say Khaadi was a game changer in the fast fashion retailing landscape in Pakistan. By investing in the overall retail experience, we ensure our customers have access to the latest fashion trends and receive the best service possible while shopping in our stores.

We are also the first Pakistani fashion retail brand to establish a successful international presence with stores in the United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom. Our online store has made it possible for customers around the world to order Khaadi products with the click of a button. And this is just the beginning!

Where are we going?

Our team at Khaadi is comprised of the most talented and dedicated individuals and thanks to them we have got to where we are today. And one thing is for certain, no matter what venture Khaadi moves onto next, it will be led and supported by its richest resource: its people. We trust and value our team, and in return, we reward and nurture them.

Khaadi aims to expand further, and faster, with a focus on large-scale retail stores. We are simultaneously streamlining our operations and pushing the limits of design innovation. By hiring creative individuals with a desire to learn and the readiness to take on challenges, we know we’ll continue on this growth trajectory to create our global presence.

Your new beginning

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