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Fun & Creativity

Every day at Khaadi is a new day; a chance to improve upon ourselves. We are youthful and energetic, but take the time to nurture innovation and creativity. While we cherish success we celebrate our failures too, as they provide us with the room to grow.

We give employees free rein to explore and execute, and they aim for higher and better each year. Ours is the most passionate and committed workforce; it makes Khaadi what Khaadi is today, and will be in the future.


Khaadi firmly believes that collaboration breeds innovation. Our products cater to a vast market with diverse tastes, and we find that the input our teams bring to the table enriches the project at hand, as well as the minds working on it. We share ideas, brainstorm concepts and work on projects together, helping each other every step of the way.

This in turn helps us better understand every aspect of the market we serve, while polishing our own skills.

Ideal For Dreamer-Executors

For some of us, the world is both a kaleidoscope of inspiration and a canvas upon which we can make our own mark to enhance it. Khaadi encourages and cherishes the Dreamer-Executors. We define Dreamer-Executors as people who look for opportunities, view the world differently, and translate their experiences into ideas.

Dreamer-Executors don’t just envision the creations they crave, they dream, and actively set about materialising the dream.

Empowering The Emerging

As a fashion brand, Khaadi understands the importance of a team dominated by women. Their insight and skillset makes a significant impact on our concepts and products, and allows our team, as well as our products and ideas to become well rounded. And while we enjoy and reap the benefits of the energy and value our female colleagues bring to the workplace, we seek to benefit them equally, by extending strong support to women who want to continue their careers without compromising on family life with carefully thought-out workplace policies and facilities.

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